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Kennett-UnionvilleTitans Football and Cheerleading: FAQs Football and Cheerleading

Football/Cheerleading FAQs:

1. What are the age and weight rules?

Age is determined by how old players/cheerleaders are on July 1. This is validated by an original birth certificate needed to obtain an I.D. in August. There are no exceptions, sorry.

Flag ages 4 -7, no weight limits

Sophomore Division - ages 7 and 8 up to 80 pounds, 9 year olds under 60 pounds,                  

*can not turn 10 during the season

Junior Division - ages 9 and 10 up to 100 pounds, 11 year olds under 80 pounds,                

*can not turn 12 during the season

Senior Division - ages 11 and 12 up to 120 pounds, 13 year olds under 105 pounds,              

*can not turn 14 during the season


2. What are the details of practices? -   

Practice starts August 7th for Tackle Football!

Practices for Tackle Football levels are Monday through Thursday 6-8 pm (as light allows) in August unless otherwise announced. Practices reduce to three nights/week after Labor Day. Specific nights determined by coaches and field space.

Practices for Flag are 2 nights/week for one hour; reduced by one night after Labor Day.

Practices for cheerleaders age 7 and up: Start August 7 and are 3 nights a week (Tues, Weds, Thurs) from 6-8pm; practices for ages 5-6 are 2 nights/week (Tue/Thurs) from 6-7 through August. Practices reduce to 2 nights a week for ages 7-14; one night/week 5-6 year olds after Labor Day.                                                                                          

*We are aware of conflicts such as religious education and school work. Conflicts such as playing another sport or doing another activity however with a practice schedule at the same time is not encouraged or usually accommodated.

3. What does a Traveling Program mean?                     

The Titans are members of the Bert Bell Memorial League, a traveling league. Teams will have some games at their home field (Kennett High School Stadium) and some away (see Bert Bell website for teams in the league: https:www.bertbell.org). Most teams we travel to are within an hour commute.

4. What does a Varsity Program mean?         

The Bert Bell League is set up to offer football and cheerleading to thousands of children in the PA and DE area. The league offers football play at the Varsity Level (more skilled players) and the Junior Varsity Level (skilled and developmental level).  Varsity teams will have the opportunity to qualify for playoff spots; JV teams will often have post season games that are non-playoff based. **Note: We are not able to accommodate requests to place players on teams for reasons such as carpooling, friends/family members or coaching preference. Players are placed according to skills assessment.                            

Cheerleaders are placed according to age and skill.  See Cheerleader page for more information.

5. When are equipment/uniforms issued?

Cheerleaders are issued uniforms in during pre-season practice with additional items of socks, bloomers and sneakers ordered at this time. Football players will be issued equipment preseason in August.                                                                

Equipment/Uniform care is the responsibility of each family with turn in at the end of the season.